My Nesting Project

My nesting project that I have been planning and dreaming about has finally begun!  We moved into our home almost seven months ago and we are still in that awkward phase of “moving in.”  The garage is a mess of boxes and things strewn about.  I have boxes of clothes that we don’t use anymore stacked around the house.  Closets that are not fully set up.  Random files, papers and books in the office.  Hardly any pictures on the walls.  Rooms that are half empty (because we need more furniture to fill them).  I figure that once the babies are here it will be years until we finally settle in!

So I’m hoping to organize the home, decorate and have a cleaning system in place.  I know you’re probably laughing at me right now.  My project probably sounds like an impossible task especially when there are some days (or most!) that I would rather just take a nap.  But, I’m not striving for perfection and I plan on taking things one day at a time.  If I’m just too tired to do anything, I’ll put my feet up.  Otherwise, I’ll shoot for a couple hours a day and take breaks.

The first phase of my nesting project is cleaning the house head to toe.  My house is a complete disaster and there is no way I can begin organizing when it’s messy and dirty.  My goal is to try to complete all the tasks on my cleaning calendar this weekend.  Last night I took down the Christmas (and Thanksgiving – oops!) decorations and hubby threw the tree out on the curb.  Today, I’ve started cleaning – laundry, vacuuming, dishes, clearing clutter, garbage, recycling, etc.

Once the all important cleaning phase is complete, I’ll begin phase two – organizing the garage! Dun, dun, duuunnn!  Hopefully, it won’t be too long until you see that post….

Happy cleaning!



In my last post I was dying to know how many babies I was growing in my belly.

We are expecting TWINSIES!!! We are super excited!

Here’s a quick update…

My symptoms have come and gone and been very mild.  To my surprise, I still have not experienced a bit of nausea or vomiting.  Not even once.  My exhaustion has come in waves.  There will be several days where I take naps and feel like I’m going to fall asleep at the wheel when I come home from work, followed by several days of energy where I actually do housework and have a productive day at work.  During the first month of my pregnancy, my armpits would really hurt at night.  I looked this up and apparently there are milk ducts there.  How attractive right?  Also in the beginning my skin was extremely dry and itchy.  There would be some nights where I couldn’t stop aggressively scratching myself.  It has subsided now, but my skin is still dry (it’s always been on the dry side).  I haven’t experienced any weird food cravings or food aversions.  At night I always need fruit and a glass of water but I attribute that to not drinking enough water during the day. I’ve started peeing more frequently now which is annoying but comforting to be able to identify a real pregnancy symptom. I toss and turn a bunch at night but have figured out how to position myself with three pillows to feel super comfortable.  Really, I have been lucky since this twin pregnancy has been really easy so far. I am crossing my fingers to continue to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

My 12 week ultrasound and NT scan are coming up in about a week and a half.  Yes, I’m actually going to have an ultrasound and then an NT scan the following day (I know that NT scans are also done by ultrasound).  My doctor is having me see a specialist, so the specialist will do the NT scan.  I’ll be rotating between the doctor and specialist every 2 weeks.  Also, next Friday I’m seeing a dietitian.  (So many appointments!)

I really want to know what gender the babies will be at the next appointment but I know it will probably be too soon. Here’s what the old wives’ tales predict.

Morning sickness: BOY

Acne: BOY

Chinese Calendar: BOY

Mayan Calendar: GIRL

Skin: BOY








BOY: 7


I predict boy/girl twins.

Finally, the bump.  Or lack thereof.  I know its too early but I can’t wait to see what I look like when I’m pregnant.  At night I look a little pregnant from the bloat and its fun to look in the mirror.  But it’s gone by the morning.

That’s all I have for now.  I’m tired!

Mommy to be to one, two, maybe three?

I’m officially pregnant!!  I have dreamed about saying those words for so long now, and now, here I am!  I have already come so far along in this journey and I’ve always promised myself to document this experience to look back on and share with the future kiddos.  But, I’ve held off until the test came back positive.  I didn’t want to jinx anything.  So let’s rewind six months….

In June of this year, I was in the very beginning of the IVF process.  But by the end of the month we had to put those plans on hold.  The military moved us to another state which meant moving an entire household across the country, buying a house, moving into said new house, taking a(nother!) bar, and finding a job.  Phew!  In the midst of all the craziness, I found out that I actually had to re-start the IVF process because of the move.  Finally, after getting the necessary referrals and completing a battery of tests, I began my first cycle on October 10, 2014.

I’m not a fan of needles.  In fact, the sight of blood makes me feel a bit light headed.  To further complicate matters, hubby is the same way.  But, he truly stepped up!  Every night, he gave me shots. (The regimen started out as one shot a day, eventually became three shots and now he is giving me an intramuscular shot daily!)  He can now add “Murse” to his long list of credentials.  I thought there would be a moment in time where I would become sick of the shots to the point where I wouldn’t want to do it anymore.  I NEVER felt that way.  I was overcome with excitement at the potential life we were creating.  And in a weird, sick way I enjoyed the shots.  A day was never complete without them, I had ritual for getting my shots (the only way I could get the shot was if I stood a very particular way with my eyes covered) and there was something so satisfying (and cathartic?) about crossing off another day on my IVF calendar.

My doctor kept my IVF protocol rather tame because given my age and health he was concerned that I would be susceptible to hyper-stimulation.  So, throughout the cycle I didn’t have the extraordinary amount of follicles that you hear other IVF patients produce.  And my eggs took a little longer to develop, requiring us to move my retrieval back a day.  On retrieval day, the doctor removed 10 follicles.  Of the 10 removed 9 were mature, 8 fertilized, 8 made it to day 5 and 4 arrested in development in the blastocyst stage leaving 2 for transfer and 2 to freeze.  The two that they transferred were grade A(+) and B embryos (the embryologist that did the grading admitted to me that she should have given the 2nd embie an A as well, but was probably unjustifiably harsh because the other was one of the best she’s ever seen).

After the transfer, we had to do one of the hardest things ever.  Wait!  They call it the two week wait and its considered one of the most anxious times for a couple trying to conceive. I caved and took an at home pregnancy test early.  I thought I saw a very faint line, which is enough to indicate a positive but it wasn’t dark enough for me.  Was it wishful thinking on my part? Did one of the embies not stick?  I had more questions than answers and I was wrought with worry.

Around this time I became extremely bloated.  I already looked 5 months pregnant. Isn’t it supposed to take several months before I show?  And nothing was making the bloat go away.  Shouldn’t it have subsided by now?  I read up on bloat being a pregnancy symptom, but this soon?  Something didn’t seem right.  I called my doctor and made an appointment.  Remember that hyperstimulation thing he was worried I would get?  Well, it reared its ugly head.  The ultrasound showed huge pockets of water in my abdomen and above my liver.  No wonder you look and feel the way you do!  The silver lining was that I was likely pregnant.  There was only one way to find out for sure, once and for all.  Take a blood pregnancy test.

My doctor came back to the room and was completely stunned.  Unable to contain his excitement he, in a cute but awkward way, tried to give me a fist pound (bump? what is it called?) and announced that I was pregnant.  He was blown away because my hcg levels registered at 8dp5dt 553.  11dp5dt it would rise to 2270.  He believes that these numbers are strongly indicative of multiples.  We can’t know how many until the ultrasound which is 11 days from now.  That feels like an eternity.  This is going to be harder than the  “2 week wait.”  Of course I’ve already researched beta numbers, read every forum out there, even posted on one of them eliciting other ivfers’ thoughts, but to no avail.  Nothing will make me stop wondering/worrying/theorizing about how many beings are growing inside me until I can count them myself.

So, am I a mama to be to one, two or three?